Shabu Shabu Hotpot Set (2 Pax)



DIY the perfect shabu shabu in the comfort of your home or where ever you are. This set is perfect for 2 hungry tummies or 3 smaller tummies. All your favourite hotpot essentials, at only $15/pax!
Don’t have a stove? We’ve got you covered! Just add on a stove set at a low price you can keep long term for all your steamboat cravings.

Set includes the following:

House-made specialty soup base:
Choose between premium collagen soup / Sichuan Mala Soup / Tomato Soup / Pork Tonkatsu Soup / Kimchi Soup

Choose between Pork Belly Shabu / Beef Shabu / Norwegian Salmon Slices (200grams)
Chicken Shabu (200 grams)
Chicken Sausage (6 pieces)

XL Tiger Prawns (6 pieces)
Fresh White Fish Slices (200 grams)

Egg Tofu (1 roll)
Enoki Mushrooms (100 grams)
Chinese Long Cabbage (200 grams)
Shanghai Green (200 grams)

FREE Home-made Sambal Chilli sauce (60ml)
FREE Thai Chilli sauce (60ml)
FREE Goma shoyu sauce (60ml)

Optional add on:
Mini Hot Pot Stove Set (Includes hot pot + fuel to last for 1.5h)
Note: You will need a lighter at your location to start up the fuel.

*Image is for illustrative purposes. Actual product follows the list above and may vary from the image