Yebisu Premium Black Beer 350ML (5% ABV)


300ML (5% ABV)

Most of Japanese beer products are pilsner brewed by bottom fermentation of lager. Pilsner beer is golden carbonated beer you often see and drink in Japan. The beer is not pilsner but schwarz and you may conservatively hesitate to have if you were familiar with pilsner beer.

The taste and the flavor explain how politely Sapporo has brewed the dark beer.

In 2003, Sapporo started to brew the dark beer again after an interval of 60 years and that has constantly been loved because of the fineness. And happily, it is easier to get YEBISU the Black everywhere in Japan than other dark beer products brewed by nameless breweries.

In the bitterness, it tastes mellow or gentle for its hue and it slightly smells like chocolate. So we easily get on with the dark beer.

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