With over 30 years of culinary experience working in restaurants of different regions in the world, our head chefs put together the winning recipes behind every broth.

1990 - 2002

Starting the culinary journey from a humble beginnings in a small restaurant located in the middle of Guang Zhou. Our head chef spent 12 years mastering and refining his basic culinary skills.

2003 ~ 2009

With bigger goals in mind, our head chef left to work in the capital of China, Beijing. The bustling city is also known as China’s Top Food City. The 6 years was spent exploring ideas and different cuisines.

2010 ~2019

Worked for a renowned restaurant in Beijing, our head chef was eventually selected to be part of a team of brilliant chefs, taking the #1 place for SHC Culinary Arts Contest in 2014.

the winning soup broths

Premium Collagen Soup

#1 Choice for every steamboat party! This flavorful broth is highly rich in collagen with a chain of over 1,500 amino acids and rejuvenating properties.

Kimchi Soup

Using only fresh Korean Gochujang to give a pleasant spicy tang to our soup broth. Our Kimchi Soup is the ultimate comforting soup base.

Sichuan Mala Soup

This superbly flavorful and numbingly spicy broth will keep you wanting more! Simmered with selected Sichuan spices for 8 long hours.

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